Submitted: Two Flash Fiction stories (Jan 2018)

I have read that one just needs to keep writing, no matter what. So I’ve been beavering away these last two months and eventually, there were two stories I was happy enough  to release.  Destined to become lost inside this vast Internet universe; I’m sure.

The most recent of the two was yesterday. I submitted a story to the weekly Ad-hoc fiction online competition.  The criteria for this competition is sub-150 words and must include the prompt word for the week: ‘cold.’  My story is called “Residue” and it centres on an older gentleman who loses everything – and I mean everything – in a fire and how that devastation hits him.

Last month, I submitted “Futile” into the Bath Flash Fiction competition.  Futile follows a small group of soldiers as they enter a ruined city.

No expectations that either will be published.  I have to say though, I’m enjoying the process of scribing ideas and concepts.

Assuming the above don’t get published, I’ll post them here.


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