Like, nailing it

In the soft comfortable chairs in the corner of the Juniper Cafe a woman in her early twenties is seated, leaning forward and animated as she gushes out recent events to the man in front of her.

‘I’m real over it; like, I so don’t need to worry about it right now. I mean like, that was the weird thing. Like you know, he was always ready to…Like do that as well, like we were on the same page, right?

Her companion, about the same age, sips his steaming matcha latte.  He shakes and nods his head  in the perfect amount of measured empathy, agreement and concern. Waiting for his moment to speak.

She moves the conversation to her work.  ‘And I didn’t like the job anyway so like, its a good thing.  I mean like, I think it gives me time to do other stuff, you know.  I’m not like, too worried about it.  So I’m like, yeah. Like its really happening.  Right?  I mean like, sooo many people have told me how amazing I was at running that department, I…’

Her phone beeps which cuts off her train of thought mid-sentence.  ‘Um, one sec.’ The woman leans back in her chair to check her phone and steals a bite from the slice in front of her.

He sees this brief pause as his turn to talk about his business venture: opening a wine bar.  ‘And inside, it’s going to be like, quiet, you know, like real intimate but not in a dumb way.  But not too quiet.  But like, classy quiet.  And like, its going…’

She murmurs her agreement without looking up from her phone, ‘Wow, that’s so awesome. It will be crazy good.’

‘I know, I know.  I’m sort of worried about finance and like how to get people in but like, I think once like, they see how cool it will be, it will be just like, boom!’ He illustrates his point with his hands miming an explosion.

While he is explaining this, she manages to nibble at her slice plus scroll through and like twelve Instagram posts, before looking up again.

‘Oh totally. I will definitely be bringing all my friends there.  When will you open?  I mean like, how far along are you?  Have you found the place already?’

‘In like six months from now, we’ll be like, finished and open and like, I mean the vibe will be awesome you know?  I mean, this is so what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, you know?’

‘I know. I know! Oh, you know what? I’m going to Facebook your new bar.  But like right now.  Let’s get it out there that there will be this like, this a-MAY-zing wine bar opening up in six months….Oh shit!’

‘What’s wrong?’ he asks.

‘This banana nutmeg slice is like, insanely good. But I meant to snapchat it before I started eating it.  Anyway, you are so onto it, I envy you.’

‘Thanks.  But you see it, yeah?  You see how amazing the bar – but you too, yeah?  We’re both nailing it.’

She nods furiously at this fact and reflects that oddly, not many others can see it. ‘I know, right?

‘You know what else? And like, it’s so important these days.’

‘What’s that?’

‘We both have focus.’




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